The Workplace for
the next generation

415 Natoma against the SF Skyline

A New Experience at
the Heart
of the City

5th Street & Howard Street

415 Natoma is just one part of the larger 5M district, home to ample open
space, 434 Minna residences and community character in the heart of SoMa.

Exclusive 10th floor terrace

Redefine Your
Environment +
Create Connections
  • Hospitality-inspired main lobby designed by IwamotoScott Architecture
  • Unique integrated restaurant concept in main lobby with direct access to Mary Court
  • Opportunity for anchor tenant to participate in retail curation
  • Dedicated anchor tenant lobby available for enhanced identity and security
Mary Court open space and Camelline Building

Lobby restaurant with direct access to Mary Court

Lobby restaurant with direct access to Mary Court

Meeting new standards
so you can meet again

When employees are fulfilled in all aspects of their well-being, this leads to increased employee engagement and increases individual performance.


Office concept with amphitheater seating

25 Floors Built
Better than Before


Hypothetical improvements on 25th floor roof deck

  • Efficient side-core construction
  • Avg. floor plates ranging from 20,000 - 37,000 RSF
  • 14’-15’ floor to floor height
  • Over 25,000 SF of exclusive outdoor terraces
  • High-end bike parking area and showers
  • Pre-engineered to accommodate tenant cafeterias and kitchens

Flexible floor plan can accommodate a wide range of users and densities